Night Guards for Grinding

Many people grind or clench their teeth at night but most are unaware that they do this. Grinding and clenching can result in many problems including broken and fractured teeth, fractured fillings and crowns, mobile teeth, migraine headaches, sore and tight muscles and periodontal (gum and bone) problems. And since most people are totally unaware of their night time clenching and grinding habits, it becomes very difficult for them to stop.

Teeth Grinding Treatment

As part of our general dentistry treatments, Cosmetic Dentistry Cancun can provide night guard devices for our patients who need treatment for teeth grinding. A properly fabricated night guard will prevent you from hurting your teeth because it will prevent your teeth from hurting. We use the NTI device which is an FDA approved therapy used for both bruxism and migraine prevention.

NTI Night guards are made in a single appointment and are customized to your teeth. The device is fabricated so that it fits on your front teeth. When you close, only your front teeth touch the device and your back teeth don’t touch at all. This protects your teeth and has the added benefit of not allowing your chewing muscles to engage! Imagine, no sore or tight muscles and a better night’s sleep.

Teeth Clenching

The device is very comfortable and patients often say that it has changed their life! If you are a grinder or teeth clencher at night, please contact our Cosmetic Dentistry Cancun office to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation to see if NTI Nightguards would be right for you!