Dental Success Stories and Before and After



Teeth Cleaning and Service

Dear Milan

I woud like to comment on my treatment at  your clinic.
I entered a dental office in Playa del Carmen thinking I would be brave and check out getting dental work done.  I am the worst patient , am very frightened about getting work  done yet I have to so I went in.  I was lucky in that being a Mexican holiday I talked directly to the dentist.  After our introduction I booked to have my teeth cleaned however the unexpected was the service. Milan even got a cab for me and walked to to the street. This was only the beginning of the care and kindness I received from him. I continued to book appointments after feeling complete ease in his chair.  I got an implant done and at home my dentist after doing a through exam said this is good work.

Dr. Millan is an excellent dentist ,a kind soul with an extremely gentle manner.

I can afford a Mexican holiday with the money I saved by not having my work done in Canada!

Kitty Stinner

Porcelain Veneers, Root Canal and Fillings

My experience at the Dental Art Center – Dr. Millan have been amazing.  No longer use dentists in Canada.  When I go to the dentist I am very nervous but when you go to Dr. Millan he makes the experience much less stressful.  Very happy with the work I have had done.  Which were porcelain veneers, filling and a root canal.  Heading back to see him for a cleaning and check up.  The price for his work is much much less then in Canada and he does a better job.  Have been threw many dentists trying to find the right one and finally found Dr Millan.  Highly recommend him he is passionate about his work and really cares about his patients.  The office is very clean and in a great location.  Thank you Dr. Millan for being such a great Dentist.

Kitty Stinner from Canada.


Dental Crowns

All my life I have been very uncomfortable going to dentists. First in Europe and than in Canada.
Finding Dr. Millan was the best cure for my fear.
I had many serious problems with my teeth. After X-rays and when I have seen on a computer screen
what a mess my teeth were in, I decided to do crowns.
I could not believe how gentle and efficient Dr. Millan’s work was. He found a way to work around
my allergies to anesthetics as well.
He was able to put me completely at ease. The procedure was such a smooth sailing I was amazed.
For the first time in my life going to have my teeth looked after with Dr.Milan I was comfortable.
Smiling is in my nature, but I do smile with more confidence knowing, that I do not have to hide my teeth.
What a joy.
Many of my friends compliment me on how nice my teeth look now and I of course can not tell them
enough about, what a great experience I had with Dr. Millan.


Dianne from Canada

General Dentistry

I have been here a few times and Dr. Millan has always done an excellent job.  Going to a dentist can be very stressful here at home, but with him you are at ease instantly.  At least I was, is work is excellent & I cannot wait to go back to see his smiling face again. He has beautiful teeth himself.
– Diane

Laser Teeth Whitening

Were you pleased with the treatment?Je suis venue au Mexique pour apprendre la langue espagnole, comme je vais chez le dentiste a tous les 6 mois au Canada, le temps était venu pour une petite visite de contrôle et nettoyage. Une amie mexicaine m a recommandé son ami, Dr Millan, et j ai été plus qu agréablement surprise. Dr Millan est courtois,et très professionnel le prix d un nettoyage complet est de 40$ USD. J en ai profité pour lui demander un blanchiment au laser, son prix 350$ , ou a l ultrason pour 250$ , Wow quelle différence entre les prix du Québec ! Dr. Millan parle un excellent français ainsi que l anglais. Je le recommande a tous

Charlotte from California

Root Canals, Partial Prosthetic and Fillings

Don’t hesitate, you’ll be very happy
Dr. Millan saw me as soon as I got into town on Fri evening.  He took his time to explain what needed to be done and began treatment that same night.  I saw him everyday for a few hours and was able to also enjoy my vacation while being treated.  2 root canals, a partial prosthetic device and several fillings and extractions later, I can say I’m very satisfied with the price and the exceptional treatment I received from Dr. Millan and his assistant.  If I need dental work in the future ( I might need another root canal), I’ll be flying down to Playa del Carmen and seeing my new dentist and good friend Dr Millan.  Don’t hesitate, you’ll be very happy.
– Charlotte

Roger from USA

Replaced Filling

My US dentist told me I had a cracked molar, and needed a crown.  Prior to the crown, he advised me to get a root canal. If I had crowned an infected tooth, I would just have to have the crown removed, have the root canal procedure, then another crown.  I was quoted a prices $1200 for the root canal locally. But since I was going to Playa for my nephew’s wedding, I decided to have the procedure done in Mexico.  Dr. Millan Valdivia did not do root canals, so he brought a specialist into his office.  After an examination and an X-Ray both determined my tooth was not cracked, and the pain I was feeling was caused by a very large and deteriorating filling that was some 55+ years old.  The specialist declined to perform the root canal on a non-infected and otherwise healthy tooth.  Dr Millan Valdivia then expertly removed the old mercury amalgam and replaced it with a new porcelain filling. For the first time in almost two years I could chew on the right side of my mouth immediately.   Dr. Millan Valdivia is an excellent dentist.  He speaks English well, and could adequately explain each step. His office, unadorned with fancy and expensive dental accoutrements common to American dental offices, was blessedly small and simple.  His manner was soothing and professional, and I was instantly at ease.  The charge was $40 for the consultation with both dentists, and $89 for the X-ray and filling.  And if one asks for the bill and pays in pesos, the patient will do a bit better on the price.

– Roger


Porcelain Bridge

Were you pleased with the treatment?This was more than a positive experience for me. I have had plenty of dental work done in my life and Dr. Millan knew what he was doing. Not to mention he had very good bedside manner and was easy to talk to. The work looks amazing! For the first time in my life I have really nice teeth!! I would recommend this clinic and go back for further treatment if needed in the future.

Thanks Dr. Millan!!


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